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See?  She reads!

See? She reads!

The actress Anna Faris (star of the Scary Movie franchise and a bunch of other comedies) gave a live reading of my McSweeney’s humor piece “As the Token Female Member of This Action-Adventure Team, My Job Is to Kick” and the recording was broadcast on Nate Corddry’s very cool literary podcast Reading Aloud in April 2015.  You can listen to Anna Faris’s reading here; Corddry introduces the piece at 2:50, and Faris begins reading at 3:48.  She really does kill this reading; it’s a kick to hear the audience laughing.


Here’s a video of me at the Functionally Literate reading at the 2013 AWP Conference in Boston. The reading was held off-site in a bar (called Dillons– I recommend it), so that’s why there’s so much booze in the background.


This link should take you to a Panopto video of a reading/presentation I recently gave in February, 2013 as part of the Bergren Forum series at Alfred University.  Warning: it involves PowerPoint.


This link should take you to a radio interview I did with Tish Perlman for her NPR show Out of Bounds in April 2013.

Here’s an interview with me on the blog Ph.D in Creative Writing, written by Kelsey Parker.  Kelsey’s an old friend from graduate school and a terrific fiction writer; she asked some really smart questions.

In 2010, WSKG radio’s Bill Jaker invited poets Ben Howard, Charles James and me to visit his show Off the Page.  We discussed poetry and read our own poems and some sent in by listeners.  You can listen to the program here.

Here’s an older interview, from 2009, on the blog The Black Telephone by Michelle McEwan.  I really like the idea behind this interview series, the Poetry Chain Gang: each interviewee nominates the next person to be interviewed.  I was recommended by another grad school friend, the terrific poet Chuck Rybak, and I recommended Erica Dawson as the next interviewee.


Here’s a review of Roleplay written by Jeannine Hall Gailey (herself a very fine poet!) and published on The Rumpus.


Last year, one of my favorite journals, 32 Poems, asked poets to name some of their favorite books of poetry.  Here’s my list, posted on the 32 Poems blog.




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